How to Choose the Best Doggy Day Care

When it comes to family, for some, the furry babies are just as important as any other part of the family. From time to time the family may not be home for a while, for either an extended afternoon or a week, so a doggy daycare is needed. Doggy Day care facilities come in as many varieties and shapes as the dogs they house, and not every day care will be the same. Sadly some day-cares treat the animals better than others, so, like choosing your child’s day care you should find the best one out there for your dog. But how do you know which is best and what to look for? Just follow R.U.F.F (Respect, Utilities, Food, and Friendly).

Respect, this something that everything living deserves. A big thing to watch out for in a day care is how they treat your furry family. Just like picking a child’s daycare, you don’t want people around your loved one who is disrespectful or mean to them.

Utilities are a big ta-do in a day care, as running water and electricity are needed. A day care without clean running water is no daycare to leave your dog with. Electricity is needed to light the kennels and warm the area if it is cold outside… no one likes a pupcicle.

Food, kind of a no brainer in reality, but some places ask for you to bring your food for your pet. This is a take it or leave it option. On the one hand the dog will be eating the food they know and won’t get sick, on the other hand it’s one more thing to worry about while you are gone leading to the question “Did I pack enough food”? More importantly, do the facility owners even know (or care) enough to ASK about the food?

Friendliness is important. Just like anything in life it is always a good policy to be friendly. If the initial people that are met in a day care are unfriendly, seem rushed, or disinterested, then you can be assured they will be just as unwelcoming to your dog.

When it comes down to it, you have a lot of options, but the best situation for your dog, and your peace of mind, is the fact that the center not only meets, but exceeds, your dog’s needs while you are away. Those small little details that the center offers, from a quick email home, to live webcam feeds, all suggest a facility that is focused on making both four leggeds and two leggeds happy and excited to drop by for a visit. Check out our facilities today!

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