New Puppies: How to Puppy Proof a Home

There is almost no greater joy than bringing home a new puppy. The exhilaration, love, playfulness, and feel of a new puppy is simply beautiful. Unfortunately if you are not prepared for a puppy adequately then the exhilaration turns to exhaustion, love to hate, and playfulness into trying to figure out what the puppy is eating now, and sadly the feeling turns sour. Correctly puppy-proofing a house can help manage a puppy’s inherent desire to pee on all that we hold dear, physically and mentally.

First off, puppies pee and poop. This is a fact of life and it always tends to be in the most devastating spots like on pillows, foam mattresses, papers, etc… Having a potty training routine already picked out and waiting to go is a must. Crate training is wonderful for instilling this skill. The sooner they are house broken the happier everyone is going to be. Also taking them for walks regularly also benefits everyone involved, and they learn to go outside while you get some exercise.

Puppies love to chew…everything, even things that can’t be chewed, will be chewed. Chair legs seem to take the most punishment, however. Puppies, like children, go through a teething phase and constantly are testing out their new teeth, plus chewing on things makes them feel better. Make sure there are plenty of alternatives to chew on like bones and chew toys, as establishing this behavior early on helps save your expensive pumps later on. Also make sure all destroyable things are out of reach or hidden well, like wires and remotes.

Lastly, the biggest and most important thing to have is patience. There is no greater asset for a pet owner than patience. Remember that these puppies are babies and will make mistakes and will destroy stuff. It’s not their fault. Just like human children they will grow and learn what is good and not good to do. Having a puppy is a commitment, not only to their care, but to their overall wellbeing. If it becomes evident that the furry baby of your choice can’t be left at home alone, then rest assured, Just Like Home can be there for the both of you. Come be a part of the JLH family!